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Οκτώβριος 9, 2012


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All Dolphins are actually porpoises.  Porpoises are a large species that include other sealife such as the orca or beluga whale and other marine mammals.  Did you know there are almost 40 species of dolphin?

Aside from interference by humans, the dolphin species has the ability to remain strong because they can mate and produce offspring easily.  Dolphins were once widely hunted but today they are not threatened by humans except in commercial fishing when the dolphins become captured in a net and other fishing equipment intended for larger fish, such as tuna.


The dolphins’ sweetly curved mouths give the dolphin an appearance of a smile.  This together with their playful disposition makes them seem friendly and kind. They are considered one of the most intelligent animals.  These are social animals traveling in groups and communicating with each other. Schools of dolphins have been witnessed aiding an injured dolphin to help it.

Dolphins can swim over 18 miles per hour (30 kilometers per hour).

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