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Οκτώβριος 28, 2012

Ancient Messini-The best of the best Ancients cities of Greece.

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Ancient Messini



The best of the best Ancients cities  of  Greece.

On the sacred mountain of ancient Messini , Ithomi, the heart of the ancient city used to beat. At the foot of the mountain , remains of  this city may be seen , still surrounded by walls that are considered to be samples of fontification techniques from the fourth centoury  BC , when  Epaminodas  gathered the Messenians , who had been scattered centuries.       

The city was fortified with what was then state of the art techniques to withstand the Spartan incursions. The wall descended from the sides of Ithomi mountain and reached from the eastern side to the Lacinic Gate and on the north western side to the Arcadian gate. It was 9.024 metres (47 stadia) long . It also hand turrets , and at short intervais there were two-storey strong towers, with embrasures , some of which have been preserved . Of  these walls, concerning which Pausanias  writes that they were stronger than the famous walls of Byzantioum of Rhodes, extensive portions have been sides of the Arcadian gate. The walls were built symmetrically , with massive stones which were 2 to 2.5 metres wide and 4.5 metres high , with local limestone. At intervals along the walls there were gates fortiflied with strong towers, which took their names from the direction followed by the roads out of them.Today two gates have been preserved . On the ancient paverments , there are tracks of chariot wheels. 

The Arcadian gate is dual , with two entrances which separate a circular yard, where according to Pausanias there were statues of the gods who protected the city. On the inside of the walls , which was square in shape,  significant monuments , examples of architecture from the 4thcentury , in quite good condition, have been foud. On the arcaeological site today, we can see the site of the Asclepeio , and surrounded by a dual stoa, the theatre and the bouleuterion which was the meeting place of the Messenian assembly . Also the temple of Artemis of whom there was a statue for worship. Some notable relicsof the stadium have also been preserved of the south west side, and the “Sebasteion” , or Caesareion a building with two hals dedicated to the worship of the Roman emperors.

The distance from Kalamata is 29 km. In area has many rooms for rent, taverns with traditional food and café

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