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Οκτώβριος 29, 2012

The White Cliffs of Dover

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The White Cliffs of Dover

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The White Cliffs of Dover

Chalk Formation

The white color comes from the chalk from which the cliffs are made. More than 100 million years ago, the area that is now the south of England was covered by a warm sea. Microscopic plankton lived in the upper levels of this sea, and when they died their bodies sank to the seabed. Over time it built into a thick layer, and the weight of water pressing d

own on the seabed turned the shell-rich mud into the soft rock known as chalk.
Ice Age

Large glaciers cut through the rolling chalk hills about 20 million years ago. The land mass of Great Britain was separated from the rest of Europe when the Ice Age ended around 10,000 years ago, it turned Great Britain into an island and left the cliffs exposed to wind, weather and tidal erosion.

Cultural History

The cliffs have been an important icon for the British people, perhaps most notably during World War II when the song «The White Cliffs of Dover» became immensely popular. The song, sung by Vera Lynn, looked forward to a time when the war would be over and people could resume their peacetime lives. Asked by the London «Independent» in 1999 whether she ever got tired of singing it, Vera Lynn answered, «No … It meant so much to everyone. The white cliffs of Dover were the last thing the boys saw as they were leaving (for war). The song meant home to them.»

 — with Oscar ToscanoÇülléñ von Wilde,Joe Tiernan and 40 others.


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