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Απρίλιος 21, 2014

Η τρεμαστέλμα – το επιστημoνικό της όνομα είναι Tremastelma palaestinum.

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Η παραπάνω φωτογραφία είναι του

Tremastelma palaestinum (Παλαιστίνη Pincushion Flower)

Το λουλούδι κάτω είναι η τρεμαστέλμα όπως δίνεται από το διαδίκτυο.

Το επιστημoνικό της όνομα είναι Tremastelma palaestinum.


Tremastelma palaestinum (Palestine Pincushion Flower)

Palestine Pincushion Flower is an annual species with several pale sky blue flowers on long, branching stalks above broadly serrated leaves. Native of rocky soils in full sun in the Middle East. Easily grown in any rich, well drained soil in fulls sun. Sow directly to the ground in mid spring. 

Family:- Dipsacaceae
Common Names:- Tremastelma
Synonyms:- Tremastelma palaestinum, Scabiosa brachiata Knautia
palaestina, Pterocephalus palaestinus,
Meaning:- Lomelosia. Meaning unknown.
                  Brachiata (L) Branched at about right-angles, widely branching.

General description:- A low to short, erect, hairy annual; stems usually
branched above, regularly forked. 
Leaves:- Oval, divided into lobes arranged in two rows along the axis, or the
lowermost unlobed, short stalked.
Flower:- Heads violet or pale mauve, 15-25mm, borne on long slender stalks,
the outer florets slightly longer than the inner; involucral bracts about the same
length as the florets.
Fruit:- Head globe-like, papery and brown when ripe; achenes with ten awns.
Habitat:- Rocky places, garigue, hillslopes.
Distribution:- Balkans, Crete, Aegean Is. and the E. Mediterranean, including
Cyprus. Widespread and common on Crete.
Flowering time:– Apr-June.
Photo by:- Steve Lenton             Gournia gorge 08/04/2010

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